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[Shampoo] Scalp Care, Solep _Inpure Scalp Shampoo

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  • MaterialHuman EGF , Eucalyptus Extract, AHA, BHA, Probiotics
  • Weight250 mg

[Kobizstar Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Asian professional scalp care

 Specialized cosmetics for scalp care, Solep

Solep is a specialized cosmetic brand developed

by Korea's No.1 Scalp care company-Kobizstar.

Kobizstar's scalp care center "Wellkin" has 50 centers nationwide,

proven effectiveness of scalp/hair loss solutions by 300,000 customers for past 11 years.  



▶Solep :  Inpure Scalp Shampoo


Cleanses excessive sebum and pores without irritating.
Excellent for improving dandruff / scalp itch.
Removal of dandruff and seborrheic keratin, relief of itching,
control of oxidized sebum, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial actions.

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_Shampoo_ Scalp Care_ Solep _

_Shampoo_ Scalp Care_ Solep